AlgoMojo – Partnering with Tradejini for Providing Web-Based Free API based Algotrading Platform

AlgoMojo – Partnering with Tradejini for Providing Web-Based Free API based Algotrading Platform

Algomojo is a web-based trading bridge for sending orders automatically to the exchange is partnering with Tradejini – Bangalore based discount broker to provide Free API based algotrading access to their trading clients who opens a trading account with algomojo.

Algomojo is a web-based automated trading platform with a minimalistic design built by traders for the traders.

Algomojo comes with Integrated all-in-one solutions (API, free & proprietary Strategies, Datafeed, Virtual servers, and end to end support at one single marketplace). It helps traders to simply their Algo trading and makes life easier for the traders.

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Can Existing Tradejini Customers use the AlgoMojo Platform?

All the existing Tradejini Clients can access the Trading Platform without API access at zero cost. And 7 Days of Free Trial is provided for the existing tradejini clients to access the algotrading platform

However to access the free API clients needs to open a trading account via algomojo in Traditional Plan.

Features of Algomojo

Currently Algomojo supports Trade execution from Amibroker, Metatrader, Excel and Custom Designed Trading Platforms(Dot Net, Java, Python,NodeJS) via Algomojo API.


Supports lightweight watch-list with minimalistic design and easy to use interface to add symbols and multiple watchlists.

Dashboard to Track Funds, Positions, Orders, Holdings & MTM Profit/Loss

Manual Orders

One can place manual orders (Intraday,Delivery) and currently supports Limit Orders, Market Orders, Bracket Orders, Cover Orders.

AlgoMojo API

Algomojo comes with inbuilt API which also supports existing clients of partner broker with 7 days of free trial enabled by default.

Order Log

Order Log is provided to verify the timestamp and audit the difference between the executed trades and generated live signals in the trading software.

OrderBook : From the Orderbook one can get both the status(pending, executed, rejected) of manually punched orders and trading software-generated orders.

TradeBook : Tradebook shows executed orders.

Positions: Any open positions can be viewed in the positions section. One button square off is provided to close all the open positions and also positions can be closed on a symbol selection basis.

Positions also displays intraday and position MTM.


Demat account holdings can be viewed and managed under the holdings section.

Supported Trading Bridges

Currently, algomojo comes with a ready-made bridge for Amibroker, Metatrader, and Excel with the minimal interface between the Algomojo and the Trading software.

Strategy Library

Algomojo also comes with a free & proprietary strategy library for the traders to take advantage of the market trend and momentum in the market.


Datafeed section provides users to subscribe for NSE Cash, NSE Futures, NSE Currencies and MCX Futures and Options.

Supports various charting platforms like Amibroker, Ninjatrader, Excel both desktop and server editions.

we partner with Globaldatafeeds to distribute their products. 3 days of Datafeed Trial will be enabled to all the users of Algomojo to test run their strategies before live exection.

Virtual Private Servers

VPS servers or Virtual Private Servers are the primary need for the algo traders who want 100% uptime with sufficient Internet and Power Backup. One can directly subscribe for windows VPS servers

End to End Integration Support

One can get end to end integration support to configure, test & deploy trading strategies.

Following end to end support will be provided to the algomojo clients.

1)Integration of Algomojo Bridge for Autotrading.
2)Integration of Datafeed (Amibroker, Ninjatrader, Excel etc)
3)Integration of Windows VPS Servers.
3)Testing and Deploying the Trading Strategies.

And also in case the trader needs a custom trading strategy to be coded in Amibroker/Metatrader. On-demand Freelancing support will be provided to onboard the client with custom design strategies.

AlgoMojo API Documentation

AlgoMojo API documentation is comprehensive to know about the various functionalities supported by the trading platform. It helps traders to build their own execution logic.

Also the trading system designers using the interface of Python,NodeJS,Java..etc who want the complete set of API they can send their mailers to

Paper Trading

Paper trading before taking the trading strategy live. Expected to be released in Phase 2

Options Execution API

Placing ATM, ITM, OTM orders expected to be released in Phase 2

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