August Index Scorecard: Natural Gas Rebounds to Earn Top Spot as Market Continues Upward Trend

Overall, August saw generally positive performance across most markets and indexes, maintaining the upward trend started in April.

The Nasdaq Commodity Natural Gas ER (NQCINGER) Index rebounded to become the month’s top performer with a gain of 37.4%. This marks only the second month of positive returns for the index in 2020, a year in which it’s been the worst-performing index for four of the past eight months.

Also showing solid growth was the Nasdaq Clean Edge Green Energy (CELS) Index, coming in as the month’s second-best performer with a gain of 23.9%.

The Nasdaq Commodity Gold ER (NQCIGCER) Index came in as the month’s worst performer with a loss of 0.4%. NQCIGCER was one of only two indexes to see declines for the month, the other being the PHLX Gold/Silver Sector (XAU) Index, which declined 0.2%.

August 2020 Index Scorecard

Credit: Nasdaq

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