will btc go more higher

BITCOIN broke ATH, will btc go more higher?

New ATH of Bitcoin and about exit from triangle.

BITCOIN broke triangle down, its TRAP or BTC will starts FALL

BTC broke support line of triangle, create a short trap and make strong upward impulse and exit upward as we expected. Now we have 2 scenarios BTC will go to 73.000 with pullback to one of previous ATH at 67.000 or 65.000 or without any pullbacks, just strong upward impulse.

Our target level 73.000 also coincide with possible resistance line (which can be top level of upward channel). So I still long for BTC , no shorts at this moment.

Always use SL in your trading and proper risk management, this is very important to become a professional trader. Have a great profit !

Credit: YMGroup

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