Comprehensive diet for people suffering from Thyroid

Comprehensive diet for people suffering from Thyroid

thyroidThose who have an underactive thyroid and tend to put on weight should follow basic diet guidelines of increasing fiber in their diet. By Delnaaz T. Chanduwadia, 

An underactive thyroid leads to weight gain in some people whereas an overactive thyroid leads to unexplained weight loss. Thyroid gland has the function of regulating metabolism, maintaining integrity of hair, skin and nails. With an altered thyroid function, these are also affected.

Those who have an underactive thyroid and tend to put on weight should follow basic diet guidelines of increasing fiber in their diet. Consuming adequate protein. Avoiding sugar and refined flour and incorporate a well-planned exercise routine. These steps are the only way to rev up the metabolism.

Goitrogens are known to interfere with normal thyroid function whereas selenium, zinc and iodine are known to be beneficial for those with this condition.

It has been said to avoid cruciferous veggies such as cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, soy, etc. It’s not true that these foods are to be eliminated completely. One must understand that these foods are not consumed daily in large portions and hence an occasionally consumption of a small amount is perfectly ok. What one needs to keep in mind is that these veggies should be thoroughly cooked through. The issue is with consuming these raw as they interfere with the ability to absorb iodine.

Depending on the genetic makeup, here are studies that have shown that supplementing Vit A or foods high in Vit A support the thyroid gland in hormone production.

Apart from this- those with an underactive thyroid should have a daily exercise routine. The drop in metabolism makes it difficult for them to lose fat. Hence a daily workout in order to build muscle and thereby boost metabolism is an absolute necessity.

90 percent of thyroid cases are autoimmune. The one main ingredient that works too be eliminated is wheat. The protein called Gliadin found in wheat has a molecular structure similar to the thyroid.

This similarity in molecular structure is known as molecular mimicry. When one consumes wheat, it is suggested, and the Gliadin protein reaches the stomach lining- the immune system will attack this molecule assuming it to be a foreign body. In the process it also attacks the thyroid cells as it has the same molecular structure.

This “auto immune attack” make the thyroid functioning worst. Hence it may be wise to cut out wheat and its products.

DISCLAIMER: The above article is for information purpose only, please consult with a medical professional/doctor before starting any therapy/diet/medication etc.

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