This Breakout Trading Mistake

Do You Make This Breakout Trading Mistake? – Trading Tips


The price forms a huge bullish candle and it breaks out of resistance.
And you’re thinking:
“Man! I better quickly buy before I miss the boat.”
So, you buy!
But the moment you clicked buy, it seems there’s a “mysterious” force preventing the price from moving higher.
The next thing you know…
The market does a 180-degree reversal and collapsed lower.
But you hold onto your trade, hoping it will rebound higher.
Well, it doesn’t and instead, dropped even lower.
You’ve no choice but to cut your loss and move on.
But just when you exited the trade, the market rallies higher and make new highs.


If the above sounds like you, then it’s because you’re making this breakout trading mistake.
But don’t worry because it’s easy to fix.

Credit: Rayner Teo

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