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We are pleased to invite you to be part of the IFS-GME Family to avail of our FREE FULL-COURSE FOREX TRADING WEBINAR SERIES happening from April 06 to 16, 2021.

This event is a six-day Forex webinar and is sure to bring quality market education to participants. During the five-day webinar, you will explore global market opportunities and effectively learn the following courses:

☑️ DAY 01 – Register HERE – Introduction to Forex Trading

☑️ DAY 02 – Register HERE – Step by step Tutorial on MT4 Platform Navigation

☑️ DAY 03 – Register HERE – Technical Analysis Class Part I

☑️ DAY 04 – Register HERE – Technical Analysis Class Part II

☑️ DAY 05 – Register HERE – News Trading & Fundamental Analysis Class

☑️ DAY 06 – Register HERE – Risk Management Class

One registration per day per person is required to be included in our list of attendees. Don’t forget to register for the rest of the webinar schedules!

What will I learn on Day 01

Introduction to Forex Trading?


This webinar will highlight how we can take advantage of the global markets in the timeliest approach. Specifically, we will learn about the basic and necessary realities in Forex trading with the following topics:

✅ Important concepts in currency trading.

✅ The terminologies you need to know and understand before trading.

✅ The general rules of Forex trading.

✅ The market structure and the role of the broker.

✅ The currency pair explained.

✅ Forex market features.

✅ Truths and myths of volatility and liquidity.

✅ Market risks and profit potential.

About the Event Speaker


Our speaker is our very own Country Lead, Ms. Sachie Mitsui Turiano. She is also a Forex educator, trader, an economist, a former member of the Philippine Stock Exchange, Inc. team of the Corporate Planning, Research & Investor Relations Division, and the former Head of Research and Currency Strategist of Alpari Group Philippines (Research and Analytics). She was featured for market insights by some of the biggest and known reliable media channels for market information, Bloomberg Philippines , BusinessWorld and ANC, and we are lucky to have her conduct this all-out five-day webinar for our clients.

How do I get access to the webinar for FREE?

In order to have access to this six-day webinar for free, each participant must have a live account with IFS Markets with at least a minimum trading capital of 100 USD.

NOTE: This amount will SERVE AS PART OF YOUR TRADING CAPITAL and NOT AS PAYMENT for any webinar fees. We only have limited slots for this event, and we put priority on our clients who have their funded live trading accounts with us.

Non-account holders and non-funded account holders will only be given access for DAYS ONE(1) and TWO(2). Only clients with at least 100 USD on their live trading account with IFS Markets will be given access for the complete 6 days.

If you wish to receive playback, please register with your IFS Markets account email address, ensure to have at least $300 of net deposit on your trading account and must have completed the 6-day webinar series.

Don’t have an account yet? Contact us at our Facebook Page and an account manager will readily assist you.

IFS Markets – GME believes that market education must come first, and we are here to bring you the quality education you deserve for showing commitment in this given opportunity. So, what are you waiting for?

1. How do I access the webinar?

Upon registration, you will receive a Zoom link with a password that only registered participants can use for each booked date. This will be your access to the webinar.

2. Do I need to register for each webinar to get a ticket?

Yes, you must register separately for each webinar date. This is to for you to receive the individual Zoom links and passwords for each booked webinar. Please do not forget this reminder.

3. What is the schedule of discussions for each covered topic?


4. What do I need during the webinar?

To have the best learning experience during the webinar, please make sure you have a laptop, stable internet connection, pen and paper for taking notes, and a ready span of attention for the entire duration of the session.

5. How can I contact the organizer with questions about the webinar?

You may contact us directly by sending us a message on our Facebook page at IFS Markets Philippines.

Forex myths debunked:










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