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“How to get the pulse of the market
and digest information for more informed investing”

Course Description

Learn from Mark So, an Etoro Popular Investor with over 15 years of trading experience as he walks you through readily accessible news and teaches a systematic way to decipher the information and translate it to trade and investment Ideas.

The discussions will help participants understand and gauge current Market sentiment through Political, Economic and Climate change news analysis.

The lessons are ‘laymanized’ and easy to understand for beginners, and is valuable for short term, medium term and long term traders / investors.

What you’ll learn

Track 1: How News affects Global Stocks

A. Domestic vs Geo Political movements

B. Monetary and Fiscal Policies

C. Better Understanding of Climate Change

Track 2: How to translate what has happened to what may happen

A. Decoding News to a more tangible game plan

B. How to create a simple Mind Map of possibilities

Track 3: Zeroing in on Stock picks based on the news

A. Using “copy portfolios” for further research

B. stock specific news sites

C. social trading networks for more information

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Global Trading: News and Market Sentiment Analysis

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