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March 22


19:00 - 21:30

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Stock Market events

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Ruben O'Callaghan

Website: https://www.eventbrite.ie/o/ruben-ocallaghan-32702144747
Learn everything you need to know about the stock market, stocks and how to find high growth companies

This training program is designed to be the quickest, most effective way to help you become a successful stock market investor, whatever your background or current situation.

You will learn the core skills, proven techniques and strategies of professional investors. How to minimise your risk, whilst finding trades with the highest income and capital growth potential.

You will learn powerful, easy to use strategies that fit in with your schedule and the amount of time you want to spend investing. The course is suitable for complete beginners and for those who have dabbled in the market without fully understanding what they’re doing.


  • You’ll start off by learning everything about the different investment products (Stocks, Bonds and even commodities like Gold).
  • Once you completely understand these products, you will learn about the different investment vehicles (so you can invest in these products).
  • You will learn about investing directly in the products you want to buy, or by using investment vehicles like ETFs and Index Funds.
  • You’ll understand the importance of diversification, and how you can diversify not only across stocks but even across different asset classes.
  • We’ll cover ways of investing that are completely passive (where you don’t have to do anything but just invest a little bit of your capital on a regular basis)
  • We’ll learn about charting, brokerage accounts and how you can choose and open an account. We’ll go over different portfolios, from basic portfolios to modern portfolios (based on the portfolios of the biggest investment firms in the world).


  • A long term investment strategy that earned my 42% returns in 2020.
  • FREE Investment Tracker
  • Access to my stock picks for 2021

And so much more.

So register now and learn how you can start making your money work for you.

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