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September 16


18:00 - 18:30

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Crypto events

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Hear from OnePercent’s Co-founder, Fabio Junges, to find out how you can sustainably invest in crypto

If you already are a climate conscious investor or aspire to be one, you have probably asked yourself the following question: How can I benefit from exposure to Bitcoin and/or Ethereum while offsetting their carbon footprint? In this talk we will answer this question!

As the negative environmental impact of certain cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, is continuing to draw attention, investors are actively searching for energy-efficient alternatives. Recently, this pressing issue was addressed by One River Digital Asset Management and MOSS as they created the world’s first Carbon-Neutral Crypto Asset Fund, which is based on tokenizing carbon credits.

In this conversation we’ll cover…

  • What are the negative environmental impacts of certain cryptocurrencies?
  • How can (individual) investors invest in Bitcoin sustainably?
  • How is the first Carbon Neutral Crypto Asset Fund constructed and how does it ensure carbon neutrality?
  • How can you include this in your portfolio?

Who you’ll hear from:

CO-Founder at OnePercent, the main Blockchain company in Brazil, CEO at SOU.cloud and Partner at MOSS.earth, Co-founder at iCoLab Blockchain Institute. Certified Bitcoin Professional, professor and lecturer on Blockchain and Digital Transformation. Fabio has a PhD in Business Administration and is a researcher in digital transformation and Blockchain, visiting professor at UNISINOS, UFRGS and USP, some of the main universities in Brazil.

We believe that Blockchain can be one of the most disruptive technologies for this decade and we are dedicating our business to improve our solutions based on Blockchain. At One Percent we’ve already created the tokenization platform (OKEN), our Blockchain based tracking platform and the NFT ecosystem called RARUM. At MOSS we have already tokenized the carbon credit ecosystem and we are moving to implement instant burn, decentralized carbon systems and some additional solutions to create a whole new market in this area. Recently we have launched in partnership with One River Digital Asset Management the world’s first Carbon-Neutral Crypto Asset Fund.

Your Host:

Polina Gurmane is a graduate of Aberdeen University (Scotland) and Maastricht University (Netherlands). She has a background in Economics and Finance as well as in Information Management and Business Intelligence. She is on a mission to help businesses get the most value from their data, with a specific interest in business process efficiency. She also loves to play tennis and cannot wait to travel when the restrictions are lifted.


(6pm UK Time/ 1pm NYC Time)

  • 6.00 pm – Join Zoom, discussion starts
  • 6.15 pm – Audience Q&A
  • 6.30 pm – End

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