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Why everyone should have exposure to US stocks in their share portfolio!

We are so excited to be welcoming one of our favourite women in finance back to LFC to run a masterclass with us on why we might want to include exposure to US stocks in our share portfolio.

Did you know the Australian Financial Markets accounts for less than 2% of the global economy – I know right tiny! Think of all the runaway business success stories: Google, Facebook, Amazon, Tesla, Apple etc. Imagine if you had invested in these stocks when they were first listed! The reality is, not many Australians know how to invest in US stocks or understand what they need to consider to make the right investment decisions. Danielle Ecuyer has been investing in the US stock market and has over four decades of successful domestic and international experience in stock markets, investing in both a professional and personal capacity. She has worked in senior positions at some of the world’s most prestigious investment firms, advising global investment companies. Since the success of her first book, Shareplicity, Danielle has been a sought-after market commentator.

In this session, she will discuss:

  • The US now and into the Future
  • Old economy versus new economy stocks – which ones to own?
  • An overview of secular megatrends & stocks
  • How to invest – Direct in stocks versus ETFs in the USA & Australia
  • Why you should invest in the US stock markets

You can buy a copy of Shareplicty 2 here.

This session is free for LFC Members.

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