How to Time Configurations and Filter News Time Work

How to Time Configurations and Filter News Time Work

These settings will apply time restrictions on when the initial trade opened by Auto Trading or Instant trade. The time used is your current Broker Server time. Once the first trade has applied the time opening restrictions do not apply on recovery trade.

Time Congigurations

Above screenshot show the Time zone configurations and trading days. You can decide on which trading day to allow EA to trade or which time you wish the EA trade automatically. If setting is turned true means the EA will be active on such day and session. Here as well you can choose which session you want the EA to be active using the above settings.

  • Manual GMT: Set your broker GMT shift manually. On back test always use Manual GMT.
  • Manual GMT offset: Manual GMT correction.
  • Trade Asian: Asian Time (True/False).
  • Asian Time: Set Asian Time (Default 22:00 – 09:00).
  • Trade Europe: Europe Time (True/False).
  • Trade Europe Time: Set Europe Time (Default 08:00 – 17:30).
  • Trade America: America Time (True/False).
  • Trade America Time: Set America Time (Default 13:00 – 22:00).
IMPORTANT : Please set time zone like this format {Start time – End time} 08:00 – 17:30. Do change format.

GMT Mode: Select any of GMT offset mode of the broker server time.

Auto GMT (not for tester!): EA will set automatically your broker GMT shift. It will not work in backtesting.

Keep in Mind – for Auto GMT you need to enable “Allow WebRequest” option and add these two URLs: the list of URLs for WebRequest.

To do this, Go to your Meta Trader Platform, via computer and open Tools menu> Options > Expert Advisors. Check or tick the option “Allow WebRequests for listed URL:”. Add the following:http://ec.forexprostools.comand press “OK”. The EA takes news from the specified websites.

For News data Auto Download and Auto GMT Time zone calculation you need to Allow Webrequest Functions as below. The steps below to be followed and as per screenshot. Do not add URLs in same line. Make sure each url is added on its section.


Go to Tools Menu on your Meta Trader

1.    Click Expert Advisor

2.    Check Allow WebRequest

3.    Add First URL

4.    Add Second URL

5.    Click


Since trading is based on Technical and Fundamentals it can be highly affected by High Impact News like NFP, PMI, GDP, CPI and many more. This means the EA may be affected by news directly or indirectly. These below settings will guide you to enable or disable EA during High Impact News, Medium News and Low News.

News Filter

IMPORTANT: News filter only work for your initial trade only. It will not stop to open others trade functions like Grid trade.

IMPORTANT: To enable News Stop Trading and AutoGMT, tick the “Allow WebRequest” option and add the two URLs(See Page 11):

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