KRBL Limited–Pledged Shares selling creates a Bottom

KRBL Limited–Pledged Shares selling creates a Bottom


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Stock – KRBLLtd – Pledged selling by a veteran value investor.

1) Last 4 years.


Stock Name






KRBL Limited






2) Recent quarters

Stock Name

No. of shares bought (net) in Q3FY20

No. of shares bought (net) in Q4FY20

Total Shares Q3+Q4

Value of securities bought Q3+Q4

Total no. of shares

% equity bought

KRBL Limited








·         One of the veteran value investor Anil Kumar Goel has been invested in the company for a long time, current stake (Dec 2019) is at 4.44% (Increased gradually). His stake in Dec 2015 was at 3.67%. Seema Goel holds 1.19% stake. Combined stake at 5.63%. Most of the stake was bought in low double digits. He has a fantastic track record of taking really long term bets.

·         However the stake came down to 4.54% in March 2020 as 10.87 lacs shares were sold as an invocation of pledge on 26th March 2020 making the 52 week low. Refer Link  

 htps:// . The sharp fall in price led to the invoking of pledge it seems.

·         10.87 lakh  shares sold on 26th March. Total Delivery Volumes = 11.38 lakhs on NSE. Almost 95% of the volumes!!

·         The next day onwards the stock started hitting upper circuits and from a low of 92 the stock is back at 200.

·         The Balsharaf family holds 3.33% stake. ED holds 2.76% stake. There is a litigation going on between Balsharaf family and Enforcement Directorate.

Refer :

·         M/s Pabrai Investment Fund purchased ~65 lacs of KRBL Ltd on 12-02-2018. The counterparty was Balsharaf family and ED nullified the trade which got Mr Mohnish Pabrai saved as the buying price was 594.

Last 10-15 year chart.


  • At 100 the stock was back to the price of end of 2014.
  • Mohnish Pabrai bulk deal was close to the top and pledge invoking right at the bottom.
  • All time high was 670 in Nov 2017
  • 52 week low was 92 on 26th March 2020


  • Many a times the stock prices may fall because of margin selling or forced selling due to various reasons. One needs to differentiate is the company leveraged or the investors in the company are leveraged leading to selling.
  • One needs to study and be convinced to accumulate the dip as reversals could also be very sharp and may not give an opportunity.
  • In Bear markets Investors Balance Sheets decides the prices of microcaps and smallcaps.
  • KRBL could still be an interesting company to study given that long term debt is negligible and a strong brand.

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