Nasdaq erases declines - ForexLive

Nasdaq erases declines – ForexLive

Up on day after -1.94% decline

The Nasdaq index has erased earlier declines that’s all the index down -1.94% at the lows.

Up on day after -1.94% decline

The index is currently up 0.18% or 17.73 points at 9605.57. The high price just reached 9607.059.

The Dow and the S&P are still lower on the day but also trading at session highs.  

The Dow is down 171 points or -0.67% at 25430

The S&P index is down -12 points or -0.4% at 3029.25.

Looking at the hourly chart of the NASDAQ index, the price remains between its 100 hour moving average above at 2632.80 and the 200 hour moving average below and 9363.52.  The prices is moving toward that 100 hour moving average.  A break above would be more positive.

NASDAQ composite index

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