Pompeo-China talks in Hawaii - US says China's attitude was not forthcoming

Pompeo-China talks in Hawaii – US says China’s attitude was not forthcoming

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A US official, US Assistant Sec Stilwell, on the talks between Pompeo and China’s earlier this week 

  • China’s attitude in talks in Hawaii cannot be described as having been forthcoming 
  • will have to see in next couple of weeks whether US-China talks were productive
  • says Chinese actions of late have not been really constructive, cites India, south china sea, Hong Kong, trade
  •  says will see in coming weeks if there is a reduction in China’s aggressive behaviour
  • says Chinese actions on trade have not lived up to billing
  • US would like to find ways to cooperate with china on North Korea, also positive engagement on arms control
  • US looks forward to china reconsidering national security legislation on Hong Kong 
  • trade is a good acid test to see if China will be a cooperative partner 
  • overall US-China relationship is “tense” 
  • US made position known to China about what it expects on coronavirus cooperation, still insists on transparency
  • China needs to allow in neutral observers for coronavirus transparency 
  • says North Korea is an obvious potential area for cooperation with China
  • China made a clear commitment to follow through on phase one of trade agreement 

Lots of whining from this guy, but he finished up on a positive with the phase one comment

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