The Emini might finish 2020 at new all-time high

The Emini might finish 2020 at new all-time high

The SP500 Emini futures are at a measured move target, and there is a nested wedge top on the weekly chart. Also, the 5-week rally on the daily chart has not been very strong. Traders should expect a pullback to below 3500 to begin by early January after a possible 2020 new all-time high.

Bond futures on the weekly chart are at the apex of a 10-month triangle, and just above a 2-year bull trend line. They should break up or down by the end of January.

The EURUSD Forex market on the weekly chart has rallied strongly from the March low. However, the rally is in a nested wedge bull channel. That typically results in a bear breakout, and a couple legs down. While the bull trend is still intact, traders should be ready for a possible reversal down in January.

30-year Treasury Bond futures

Bond futures weekly chart at apex of triangle and bottom of trading range

Bond futures weekly candlestick chart at bottom of triangle so breakout mode

The weekly bond futures bond chart has been sideways since the biggest buy climax in history in March. Until September, all you would hear on TV was that interest rates would go to zero, and gold would reach infinity. Clearly, the pundits were exaggerating, but I have said many times for 14 months that anyone claiming that we would have negative interest rates is out of touch with the American people. They would never accept it, and it therefore would not happen.

March looks like a credible top. If it is not, the final top will not be much above the March high.

Finally, since March, I have said that bonds would be sideways in a tight range for the remainder of the year. Why? Because after a strong reversal from an extreme buy climax, a market typically goes sideways for 10 or more bars. It is important to understand that a pattern is often clear on several time frames. Corrections are based on the highest time frame that shows the pattern. That is the monthly chart (not shown). Ten bars on the monthly chart meant the rest of 2020.

Is a bear breakout imminent?

Now the experts have reversed their opinions. They are saying that the dollar will get crushed and it will cause inflation, which will make bonds fall.

This conclusion is right, but their timing might not be. I have said many times this year that interest rates will be higher (bonds lower) 5 and 10 years from now. But I keep making the point that the selloff will not be in a straight line. There will be rallies along the way, and the rallies can be strong, and last two to three months.

With bonds repeatedly trying to break below the June low and failing, you will get an increasing number of disappointed bears. What will they do? They will buy back their shorts and look to sell again higher. If the market repeatedly tries to do something and fails, it then usually tries the opposite. That means an imminent bear breakout is not nearly as certain as everyone on TV believes.

The significance of the triangle

While the bond market has sold off since the March high, it has also been sideways in a triangle. It is now at the apex of that triangle, and it has additionally been in a tight trading range for 8 weeks. This is a neutral market. It might continue sideways for another few weeks until it pokes below the 2-year bull trend line, before deciding on the direction of the breakout. But bonds will probably break out up or down, before the end of January.

A Breakout Mode market has a 50% chance of a successful bull breakout and a 50% chance of a successful bear breakout. Furthermore, the 1st breakout up or down has a 50% chance of reversing. It is a neutral pattern, but one that is likely to break out soon.

Weak buy signal

This week has a bull body after breaking below an ii pattern (consecutive inside bars). Should you buy next week for a reversal up? The bond futures are still in a tight range and that is a Limit Order Market. There typically are more traders selling above bars, and buying below, than traders entering with stops hoping for a trend. So, no, buying above this week’s high is not a high probability bet.

This is particularly true since this week’s candlestick had a small body with prominent tails above and below. That is a neutral bar and not the clear start of a trend.

It is better to wait for a stronger buy or sell signal. That can be a strong signal bar after a failed breakout below or above, or it can be from a strong breakout. A strong breakout usually means a couple bars closing far above the bear trend line and closing near theirs highs, or a couple bars closing far below the range and closing near their lows.

What should traders expect next week?

More sideways trading. Markets have inertia, and they tend to continue doing what they have been doing. But with the bond market at the apex of a triangle and just above a 2-year bull trend line, traders are expecting a breakout soon. However, until there is a breakout, there is no breakout.

EURUSD Forex market

EURUSD weekly chart has nested wedge top but no reversal down yet

EURUSD Forex weekly candlestick chart at forming nested wedge top

The EURUSD Forex market on the weekly chart has been in a bull trend since the March low. However, the rally over the past 8 weeks has had 3 legs up. If there is a reversal down within the next few weeks, traders will see this rally as a wedge top.

This 8-week rally is the 3rd leg up in a rally that began in March. Therefore, if there is a reversal down in January, the pattern will be a nested wedge. That has a higher probability of leading to a couple legs down. Traders would look for a test of the bottom of the most recent leg up, which is the November low at around 1.16.

Breakout points are magnets, which means that if a reversal down gets near a breakout point, it usually will test it. A test means that the selloff gets very close or even dips below it. The most important breakout point is the March 9 high, just below 1.15. Therefore, if the EURUSD weekly chart reverses down in January, traders should expect the selloff to reach around 1.15. While it could fall further, that will be the focus for most traders.

That is far below the current price. If there is a reversal that gets there, the selloff will probably take a least a couple months and have at least a couple legs.

Now, why talk about a big reversal when the chart is clearly in a bull trend? Because a bull channel usually has a bear breakout. A bear breakout would also be a reversal down from a nested wedge buy climax.

Channels usually evolve into a trading range

What happens after a test of the November low? When there is a reversal down from a bull channel, the chart usually evolves into a trading range. Therefore, traders would expect the EURUSD to trade between 1.15 and 1.22 for many months. At some point, the EURUSD would then either resume up to above 1.25 or continue down to the March low at around 1.05.

How long can the bull trend last?

Trends constantly create tops and then ignore them. They can last much longer and go much further than what appears reasonable.

I said that bull channels typically have bear breakouts. Well, about 25% of the time, there is a successful bull breakout and an acceleration up above a bull channel. But that means it is more likely that there will be a bear breakout.

If there is an acceleration up, the next target is the February 2018 high just above 1.25. The EURUSD should get there. The question is when. At the moment, it is more likely that there will be a pullback for a few months first.

If instead the EURUSD continues strongly up to far above that 1.25 level, the next target is the 2014 high at around 1.40. The February 2018 1.25 high is the neckline of a double bottom created by the January 2017 and March 2020 lows. A measured move up is 1.4770. If this bull trend continues to that target, it will probably take at least a couple years to get there.

S&P500 Emini futures

Monthly Emini chart so far has disappointing follow-through after strong November

Emini S&P500 futures chart has weak follow-through after big bull breakout but still possible 2020 new all-time high

The monthly S&P500 Emini futures chart is in a strong bull trend, which makes higher prices likely over the coming year. A new all-time-high is likely for 2020. This month so far is a small bull bar. This is modest follow-through buying after November’s big bar. Traders see a bull follow-through bar as a sign that the market will continue at least a little higher.

I think what is going on now is fascinating. JP Morgan says that the S&P will reach 4,600 in 2021. But that does not mean in January. The question is when, and a year is a long time. Remember, this year sold off 35% and it is now closing on the high. With the Emini in a strong bull trend on all time frames, it certainly is possible.

The bulls want the monthly chart to close near its high. December closes next Thursday. There are only 4 trading days remaining in 2021. What they do can affect what traders will expect for the 1st many months of 2021.

The bulls want the month to close within 20 points of the high. If it does, then they will have a reasonable chance of a gap up to another new all-time high when 2021 trading begins on January 4.

But think about this. If there is a gap up on the daily chart to a new high on Monday January 4, 2021, there would also be a gap up to a new high on the weekly, monthly, and yearly charts as well. Gaps on the monthly chart are rare. Although I have not checked, I do not know if there has ever been a gap up to a new all-time high on the monthly S&P or Emini futures charts.

What happens if there is a yearly gap up on January 4, 2021?

Let’s say that there is a big gap up on January 4 on the daily chart. A big gap on the daily chart would be a small gap on the monthly chart, and a tiny gap on the yearly chart. This is important because small gaps usually close before the end of the bar. Therefore, the yearly gap should close before the end of 2021 when the yearly candlestick closes. But since the gap will be small on the monthly chart, it should close before the monthly bar closes at the end of January. If it stays open, it should close within a month or two afterwards.

If the gap is small on the weekly chart, it will probably close by the end of the week, or shortly thereafter. Therefore as dramatic as it would be if there is a gap up to a new all-time high, on January 4, the euphoria should be short-lived because the monthly and yearly gaps would likely soon close.

Don’t forget the bad bull flag

The Emini pulled back in October and November. Both months were bear bars. But the pullback was in a bull trend and it was therefore a High 1 bull flag.

A bull flag that is composed of 2 bear bars is less likely to lead to a sustained rally. When December traded above the November high, it triggered the High 1 buy signal. However, I have been saying that the resumption of a bull trend, after a bad bull flag and late in a buy climax, typically only lasts a couple bars. December is the 2nd bar. That increases the chance of a pullback in January, whether or not January breaks above the December high.

Furthermore, there is an increased chance that the pullback will last longer than the 2 bars in the bull flag. It typically will have at least a couple small legs down. Therefore, if there is a reversal down starting in January, it could take about 5 bars to complete 2 legs down. That means that a reversal down in January could lead to a trading range for the 1st half of 2021.

And don’t forget politics

There is unusual acrimony in Washington, and President Trump has done many unexpected things during his 4 years. Traders should be prepared for the possibility of other surprises after January 5. That is the date of the Georgia senate races. If Biden wins both, that could quickly lead to a selloff.

Also, President Trump has done many surprising things during his 4 years, and he might do something unexpected after the January 5 election. For example, he and his supporters in Congress might do something disruptive when Congress meets to accept the electoral college votes on January 6.

Also, other countries might try to do something in Trump’s final 2 weeks, that they might not be willing to do once Biden becomes president, hoping that Trump will give them political cover. And then there are all of the unimaginable Black Swan events that can happen at any time.

Weekly S&P500 Emini futures chart has High 1 bull flag, but might form nested wedge top soon

Emini S&P500 futures weekly candlestick chart has weak follow-through after big bull breakout and possible nested wedge top

The weekly S&P500 Emini futures chart has rallied strongly since the October low. This week pulled back, but it was a bull bar closing near its high. It is a High 1 bull flag for next week. As I wrote above, the Emini will probably trade at least a little higher next week. The bulls want it to trade a lot higher, and it might to a new all-time high.

Traders should note that, while the weekly chart is rallying, the bars since the September 2 high are also consistent with the market being in a trading range since that high. Therefore, if there is a reversal down in January, traders will begin to wonder if the selloff will reach the October low in the first quarter. That would then be a bear leg in the trading range.

Testing a measured move target

Note that the Emini is at a measured move target. The June 15 low tested the April 29 high, but did not dip below it. The Emini tested that breakout point again 2 week later and reversed up strongly. That tells us that traders consider the April 29 high is very important.

The pandemic low is also very important. Two very important prices often generate a 3rd important price at a measured move away. The measured move target is 3686. While the all-time high is now about 1% above the target, if there is a reversal down from this area, it will in part be due to the measured move.

Many computers will probably take profits around here. If enough do, the Emini will pull back. If instead the Emini just keeps working higher, then traders will conclude that the target turned out to be insignificant.

Daily S&P500 Emini futures chart is late in bull channel so reversal down to 3500 likely soon

Emini bull channel but wedge top soon, after possible new all-time high

The daily S&P500 Emini futures chart has been rallying in a Small Pullback Bull Trend since the November 10 pullback. A Small Pullback Bull Trend can continue to 50 or more bars if it is strong. One sign of strength is at least a couple sets of two or three big bull bars closing near their highs. This 2-month rally does not have even one. When a Small Pullback Bull Trend lacks those strong breakouts, it usually begins to turn sideways to down before 50 bars. The rally in the Emini is getting close to that duration.

Also, look at the bars since late October. About 75% of them closed either near the open, or in the middle of the bar. This lack of strong bull bars is more common when a rally is a leg in a trading range. A bull leg in a trading range usually leads to a bear leg, and a test of the bottom of the range. The bottom of the range is usually the start of the bull channel, which is the November 10 low just below 3500. However, it could be all of the way down to the October low, if that is the bottom of the range.

A bull channel usually begins to turn down after 3 legs up. This rally had minor reversals on November 16, December 9, and December 17. It therefore has met the minimum objective.

This week’s strong reversal up will probably result in one more new all-time high. If there is a reversal at that point, there will be a bigger wedge pattern where the 1st leg ended on November 9 and the 2nd leg ended on either December 9 or December 17.

The Emini is still in a bull trend

It is important to see that the Emini is still in a bull trend. A bull trend can continue much longer that what appears reasonable. However, because of the factors that I discussed, I think that the Emini will probably not go much higher before it tests down to 3500. There is a 60% chance of a pullback to 3500 before the Emini reaches 4000, and probably by the end of January.

But, it is important to see that there is no clear top yet. That is why I say that the odds are that the Emini will go at least a little higher before reversing down. And because it is in a bull trend on all time frames, it could just keep going up rather than having the likely pullback.

Credit: Brooks Trading

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