Monday, January 18

Trump’s doctor: The president is doing very well, making progress

Dr. Sean Conley, the White House physician, has said that President Donald Trump is “doing very well.” He added that the Commander-in-Chief is receiving multi-disciplinary care and is closely monitored.

Trump is free in the past 24 hours and that he said “I am ready to walk out of here today.” The president does not receive oxygen and his saturation level is 96%. However, when reporters asked if Trump received oxygen at any point, the doctor only said that the president is not on oxygen right now. He also refused to say when Trump may have been infected.

Regarding the discharging of the president, the doctors refused to say when he may leave the hospital. The medical staff adds that the critical period comes between days 7 to 10. The president received Gilead’s Remdesivir and a drug by Regeneron to help his recovery.

The world was shocked to learn that Trump and his wife Melania tested positive for COVID-19. Wishes of good health have come from all politicians and from all over the world.

Earlier, it was revealed that several Senators and White House officials tested positive.

Credit: FX Street

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