Zoom adds virtual receptionist, other features to help users transition to working from offices again

Zoom adds virtual receptionist, other features to help users transition to working from offices again

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Zoom adds new features for convinience of users.As employees are returning to offices, Zoom has introduced new features to make this transition for users easier. A new feature called Zoom Rooms Kiosk has been added under which a virtual receptionist will greet the employer on logging in from a Zoom Room from a touch device. Also with Neat Sense, users can monitor and manage humidity and air quality of the room.

Other features recently announced by Zoom are knowing beforehand how many employees are there in a room and pairing a Zoom Room with mobile to share a whiteboard on Zoom Chat. According to the video-conferencing site, these services will streamline collaboration between remote and in-office workers, empower workers and make the transition to hybrid working environment seamless.

Zoom Rooms Kiosk Mode is available in beta on all Zoom Rooms for Touch devices. Employers just need to customize the “Start Meeting” button on a Zoom Rooms for Touch device in their lobby to connect visitors with a receptionist and safely greet them.

With Zoom Dashboard and Scheduling Display, users will know how many people are already present to ensure that social distancing protocols are being followed and meeting spaces are not overcrowded. Moreover, the Neat Sense feature that will be made available on Zoom dashboard from February 11 onwards will enable users to manage air quality, humidity, carbon dioxide levels etc.

With Zoom Rooms for Touch, users can control the desktop of the person who is currently sharing their laptop screen without having to touch that person’s system. One can also select Gallery View when content is being shared to share files via ultrasound on Zoom for Home devices.

By pairing Zoom Room with smartphones, a person will be placed automatically in companion mode during the meeting. With the Zoom room Controller app. An employer can access all room controls including the ability to start or join a meeting and participant controls so that one in-room controller need not change hands. The new in-meeting toolbar and controls on Zoom Rooms for Touch have also been redesigned.

Mac, Windows and Zoom Rooms Appliance devices can view real-time transcriptions of the meeting and reactions on the screen. employers can restrict users from signing into Zoom on self-managed Zoom for home devices. Users can set up a screen PIN on their Zoom for Home devices.

The above-mentioned features will be available on the latest version of Zoom. Also, its enhanced voice commands for Zoom Rooms was currently in beta.

Credit: Financial Express

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